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Leading-edge AI and Machine Learning for Enterprise Purchasing

Suplari Solution Overview

Suplari delivers unprecedented visibility and insights into supplier spend by applying AI and machine learning to data from multiple systems including ERPs, travel & expense, corporate/P-card, contracts, invoices, and POs. Data are automatically prepared (normalized, categorized, enriched) and integrated into our common data model.

AI and machine learning algorithms uncover actionable insights to reduce and optimize spend – generally saving companies between 5-15% on indirect spend.

Suplari’s easy-to-use SaaS product allows you to get started with existing systems, delivers value quickly, and makes sharing intelligence, managing spend categories, taking action, and tracking results a breeze.

Insight Dashboard

Suplari’s Insight dashboard shows the latest machine learning-derived insights that require action as well as a high-level view of supplier spend broken down by source.

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Suplari Data Platform

The Suplari data platform consists of system integrations, data normalization, categorization and cleansing, as well as a common data model for suppliers that includes:

  • AP / P-Card Transactions
  • T&E Expense
  • Contracts
  • Invoices and
  • POs (purchase orders)

Suplari enriches this supplier data from multiple public data sources.  The end result is a rich, clean data set that can be used for business intelligence and for discovering insights and cost reduction opportunities..

Suplari Insights

The heart of Suplari is delivering actionable insights to procurement and finance teams.

Suplari Insights go beyond basic business intelligence and tell you specific categories, transactions, or suppliers where cost savings may be found. Suspicious transactions, new subscription discovery, demand aggregation opportunities, product consolidation opportunities, maverick spend detection, are all examples of insights to be found within the supplier data model.

Supplier 360 Communication Platform

Enterprises communicate about supplier spend primarily through emailing spreadsheets and documents. Version control, accuracy, and system-of-record confusion are just some of the resulting issues.

With Suplari, the rich, clean data set can be easily available to any business owner, finance, or procurement professional. The Supplier 360 communication platform lets you get notified of supplier, business unit and category insights. Easily find suppliers and share reports and insights with others in your organization.

Accuracy, responsiveness and efficiency are enhanced when everyone is working off the same data set and can see supplier spend holistically.

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