Go Beyond Spend Intelligence

Data + Opportunities + Outcomes

To be successful and effective today, you need total data from across your enterprise ecosystem. Suplari goes beyond spend, taking data like contracts, commitments, ESG, projects, risk, and revenue. We transform and enrich it to deliver automated, prescriptive, value-creation opportunities for your teams.

Data you can trust.

Opportunities you can execute.

Results you can prove.

Are you achieving hard cost savings from your investments in Digital Transformation?

You’ve bought the tools.
You have the data.
You still haven’t gotten the results.

You’re not getting the results you need because you’re missing:

Enough people and time.
Holistic and trusted data to make decisions.
Actionable opportunities.

How AI Is Failing Procurement

AI is here and its promise is to reduce costs, improve your bottom line and generally automate every procurement workflow. The truth is that half of AI projects are failing per an IDC study. There is undeniably a huge opportunity to improve the results of your investment. Yet, it is clear that the potential impact…

AI Helps You Find Cash and Save Money Right Away, Everyday

Traditional spend analytics only look backward at historical data. We use AI to automate analysis of current data and historical patterns to then predict the best spend management actions moving forward.

A Flow Diagram: "Clean Data, Automated Insights, Continuously Manage Costs And Cash Flow, Predictive Actions"

Predictive Insights in 30 Days

In today’s business environment, profit margin and productivity are the KPIs that count. Our Spend Intelligence Cloud helps drive these metrics and more, all with an intuitive user interface that starts delivering ROI in weeks. Suplari is:


Easy to Start

• Get us some data. We do the rest
• No rip and replace of legacy LOB
• No IT involvement required
• Secure cloud and integrations
• Go live within weeks


Quick to Scale

•  Fluid and modern user experience
•  Cross-system access, in one place
•  Enterprise-wide capability
•  Systematic optimization cadence
•  Ever-expanding data sets


Fast ROI

•  Less time crunching data & reports
•  More focus on capturing CRC value
•  Better decisions, faster
•  Strong financial performance
•  Measurable outcomes

Suplari is focused on your results

Top global brands choose Suplari to evolve the way costs and cash flow are managed and drive outcomes.

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Suplari Named Winner of DPW’s DEMO Cost Reduction & Savings Category

"Suplari takes transparency to a new level by identifying and triggering concrete actions based on a company’s procurement data and the number of action alerts are constantly growing as users are adding new options to the joint library which continuously improves the value from the solution. Integration opportunities with main ERP systems are being explored and setting a good foundation for future growth."

Suplari Named Winner of DPW’s DEMO 2021 Cost Reduction & Savings Category

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