Bring More Spend Under Contract with AI

October 24, 2018By Mari StromBlog

 AI in Procurement can give enterprises real-time visibility into supplier spend to quickly identify missing contracts to reduce spend, negotiate better terms, and improve compliance. Procurement organizations use a set of criteria to determine if the spend with a supplier should be governed by a contract. Every organization defines that threshold differently, yet only a … Read More

Finding New Opportunities to Aggregate Supplier Demand with AI

October 18, 2018By Mari StromBlog

Enterprise companies can leverage AI in Procurement to quickly connect their spend and contract data to surface opportunities for demand aggregation. With increasing labor rates and the rising cost of fuel, freight and raw materials, finding opportunities to reduce spend is becoming more difficult by the day. Aggregating the spend for each supplier under one … Read More

Using AI to Turbo-Charge Supplier Negotiations

October 10, 2018By Mari StromBlog

When it comes to re-negotiating your supplier contracts, timing, and the right data, is everything.  This is where using AI in Procurement comes in handy. With AI, Enterprises can quickly gain the information they need to avoid unwanted renewals and strengthen their negotiating position to get the best deals. For a suspense novel or a … Read More