Suplari Launches AI-Driven Purchasing Intelligence to Optimize Enterprise Procurement Processes

November 14, 2018By Mari StromPress Releases

Suplari AI-Driven Purchasing Intelligence enables financial and procurement professionals to proactively improve process, manage spend, drive compliance, and identify fraud and abuse. Suplari, the AI-driven insights platform for procurement and finance, today announced the launch of Suplari Purchasing Intelligence. This new release enables companies to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor, analyze and enforce the … Read More

3 Reasons Why AI in Procurement is a Game-changer

November 1, 2018By Mari StromBlog

Wasted time. Missing invoices. Late payments. Finding out you were charged how much for what? Procurement is a necessary and immense part of any business. Managing, monitoring, and crunching numbers from that part of your business probably takes a lot of time and effort. In fact, organizing and cleansing your spend, purchase, and supplier data … Read More