Hi! My name is Eddy Nassif and I’ve been a data analyst at Suplari for almost 7 months. Before Suplari I was studying at Gonzaga University where I received my Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a focus on finance and a Minor in Computer Science. I’ve loved my time working as a Data Analyst on the Customer Success team, and wanted to share what a typical day looks like for me.

The first thing I noticed when I started working at Suplari was how much the company cares about me as a person. Whether it’s Bagel Friday, Mind Body Spirit day, or simply lunchtime – there are plenty of opportunities to take a break and focus on yourself. Personally, I take some me time every morning to focus on having a great cup of coffee. I start every morning by making myself a latte and practicing my latte art on our professional grade espresso machine. While some people may see it as not a big deal, the variety of incredible coffee making options at Suplari makes me feel appreciated and taken care of as an Employee, and I’m very grateful for that.

After my morning cup of coffee, it’s time to work! As a Customer Success Data Analyst at Suplari, part of my day is making sure our customers are happy and are finding maximum value in our product. To accomplish this, I ensure that our customer data is properly loaded and up to date, and work with our Customer Success Managers to ensure that the data is represented in a way that makes the most sense for each business. To help process and clean the large data sets our customers send us, the Data Analyst team builds and maintains a suite of tools to speed up and automate the Extract Transform Load (ETL) process.

Depending on the day, I am either using our ETL tools to process a customer’s data as an analyst, or I am programming new features for the Suplari tool. I’ve learned so much about software design and development by working on this tool and I am lucky to have talented engineers around me that mentor me through the design and development process. One of Suplari’s core values is “Customer First”, and by automating the ETL process we can ensure that all of our customer data is loaded quickly and accurately.

Another way my team embodies our “Customer First” core value is through frequent touchpoints with each of our customers to ensure they are getting the most out of the Suplari platform. I collaborate directly with our Customers as well as the Suplari Customer Success Managers to empower our customers to find insights in their data that will help them do their jobs more efficiently.

With Suplari being a small company, the office is incredibly welcoming. I love being able to sit down for lunch and know the name of everyone in the kitchen. Nobody is a stranger in the Suplari office, and it makes work so much more fun. I could not think of a better place to launch my career, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work at Suplari.