At Suplari, our work culture is a point of pride for us. We believe work should be something you look forward to daily. To foster this belief, we have team events throughout the year to celebrate our amazing people and the effort they put into making Suplari a great product for our customers. A favorite Suplari tradition that our team looks forward to twice a year is Mind + Body + Spirit day.

The purpose of this day is to take a break from our usual grind, come together as a team, and refresh our minds and bodies! In the past, Mind + Body + Spirit Day has included a yoga/meditation session in the morning, an outing to a Mariners game, or a scavenger hunt around Pike Place Market.

Last week, Suplari had our Fall Mind + Body + Spirit day, which started out with a blind coffee taste test, with five local roasters representing. Our office is full of coffee lovers, and we want everyone to have as much say in our daily office life as we can at Suplari. Plus, everyone needs a little caffeine in the mornings, and it was fun chatting with co-workers while drinking coffee.

After our morning fuel-up, we had another activity awaiting our Suplari family – bowling! We took to the lanes showing off our best granny moves, laughing and (for the team who won) high-fiving as we knocked down pins. Another wonderful Suplari team event for the books!

Team Suplari at this year’s Mind Body Spirit Day