Suplari CEO, Nikesh Parekh, was joined on stage by Director of Spend Management, Maria Wiseman, CDK Global, at the 2019 Fall SIG Global Summit for a discussion about the benefits and power of spend intelligence.

CDK Global is a global provider of integrated information technology solutions to the automotive retail industry and recently celebrated its 5th anniversary following a spinoff from ADP. With independence well established, one of its recent goals was to drive innovation in its procurement and supply chain organization.

Data Difficulties 

As the new Director of Spend Management at CDK Global, Maria was tasked with determining the effectiveness of the existing software landscape and identifying details of spend analytics, including how much and which categories. 

Maria had a vision for what a new tool might provide: a dashboard with all the suppliers, 12-24 months spend trends, business units, G&L account information, and analytic insights that detected potential opportunities.

It also had to be easy to use and require little training to ensure broad adoption.

Suplari Offered a New Approach

Suplari isn’t your P2P system, CLM, or ERP.

Instead, using its cloud-based unified data model, it aggregates all the data from ERPs, P2Ps, CLMs, T&E systems, p-card systems, and operational systems. The data is cleansed, normalized, and categorized so it can be used to provide powerful and accurate analytics to stakeholders.

Only Suplari included a library of more than 60 built-in AI-powered insights – valuable algorithms that can automatically prioritize analysis for various types of opportunities or fraud. And, the system has the flexibility to add unique data to build new insights specific to customer’s needs.

“Suplari provided the dashboard that allowed us to immediately identify the top supplier, how much the spend increased /decreased over the past year, and which category was trending up/down,” said Maria.

Lifting the Organization to a new Level

After implementing Suplari, CDK Global unified its data for spend visibility across major systems.

With the dashboard in place, Maria’s team was able to quickly understand the story the data was telling them.

“I wanted better analytics,” said Maria. “Building the dashboard intelligence helped my team build the business. I’m happy to be out of the business of chasing reports.”

Leadership at CDK also recognized the immense value created by Maria and her team. They disrupted the status quo and found a new way for the organization to view and use their spend data. Now Maria and her team can focus more on spend strategy, rather than wasting time on tedious data wrangling.

In addition to efforts to make Suplari the “go-to-resource” across the company, CDK Global expects continued benefits and transparency from this new intelligent data system.

“Leveraging Suplari to truly understand our data has provided us many opportunities to advance our procurement organization and help the company prepare for a more profitable future,” said Maria. “I feel like we’ve lifted the organization to a new level.”

To learn more about how Suplari can help your procurement organization reach a new level with complete visibility across all of your suppliers, contact us at or schedule a demo.