The Suplari Mission

Suplari’s mission is to shine the light on inefficiencies so that companies can invest in growth, innovation and their people. Companies have treasure troves of valuable data trapped within their existing enterprise systems. The cloud combined with artificial intelligence will empower employees to be more productive and companies to be more nimble and successful in dealing with changing market conditions (think tariffs & trade wars), business volatility, and technology disruption (think Amazon & Netflix).

Empowering our Customers

We are empowering finance and procurement leaders by uncovering cost savings and risk opportunities hidden inside millions of data points. Our platform connects and unifies disparate supplier data sources and uses machine learning to continuously analyze and score millions of transactions, contracts within enterprise systems, and suppliers. Leveraging the power of AI, Suplari can generate and deliver real-time insights to reduce spend, mitigate risk, and increase compliance.

The Executive Team

Nikesh Parekh

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Gerber

Chief Technology Officer

Brian White

Chief Product Officer

Brad DePew

Senior VP, Sales

Alberto Sutton

VP of Marketing

Achim Bassler

VP of Customer Success

Chad Baker

VP of Engineering