Fantastic article from the talented Tiernan Ray of ZDNet and Barron’s. This is the single best overview of the vision of Suplari and the future of the AI-driven enterprise. 

You can read Tiernan’s article here >

Tiernan covers:

1) How cloud computing has given rise to the new brains of the enterprise – systems of intelligence or intelligent applications

2) How Workday Microsoft Anaplan ServiceNow are using the cloud to attack SAP and Oracle‘s ownership of the ERP and the database

3) How intelligent applications like Suplari are empowering “The Push Button Enterprise” which can automate simple tasks and complex analyses, every employee, irrespective of prior experience or training, to execute at a much higher strategic level

4) How forward thinking services firms like McKinsey & Company & Goldman Sachs are building software businesses specializing in AI and automation to compete long-term

We are just at the beginning of major changes in work and the enterprise we know it. Exciting times ahead!