Procurement technologies are moving at a rapid pace, and the additions of AI and machine learning are transforming how procurement and finance leaders add massive value to their organizations. The bottom line? AI helps you find cash and save money right away, everyday.

Clean data, automated insights, and prescriptive actions enable leaders to continuously manage costs and cash flow.  At Suplari, we call this Spend Agility.

BT, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, reached out to Suplari to help it re-invent its corporate-wide procurement strategy. They wanted to improve their bottom line through reduced spend and greater efficiency. To do this, they sought to change how employees in its hundreds of worldwide subsidiaries engage with procurement. The goal was not only to use AI to improve forecasting, track spend, and improve cash flow, but to empower decentralized business leaders by giving them always-available access to complete procurement data.

What you will learn:

  • How old, inflexible tools like a home-grown Spend Cube couldn’t scale or adapt to business needs
  • How BT leveraged AI to unite, normalize, and categorize disconnected spend data across many systems
  • How BT uses predictive insights to identify savings opportunities and drive internal collaboration 

Read how BT is using Spend Agility to turn procurement data into a high-value corporate asset.