CPO’s Playbook for Leveraging Data and Innovation to Reinvent Procurement

November 11, 2020By Nikesh ParekhArtificial Intelligence, Blog, CPO Advice, Procurement, Tips

Overview: BT Group Chief Procurement Officer Cyril Pourrat and Sr. Transformation Officer Adam Brown discuss how they are powering “the salesforce of the bottom line” at BT Group using Suplari for spend analytics, spend intelligence and spend agility.  CEO of the Sourcing Industry Group Dawn Tiura interviews Cyril Pourrat, Adam Brown and Suplari CEO Nikesh … Read More

5 Easy Procurement Negotiation & Savings Tactics in a Downturn

May 26, 2020By Jordan JansenArtificial Intelligence, COVID-19, Procurement, Recession, Tips

Executive Insights Companies are aggressively looking for tactics to reduce costs and unlock savings on all their indirect and direct purchases and to more effectively manage their cash flow in procurement.  Declining market demand and over-capacity is driving finished product manufacturers to put price pressure on their suppliers. They too must then re-negotiate contracts with … Read More

Stunning New Insights that Unlock Proven Cash Flow Savings

April 29, 2020By Brian WhiteArtificial Intelligence, COVID-19, Procurement, Recession, Tips

Managing cash flow, finding savings, and enforcing new spend policies are top of mind for most CFOs right now. With no end in sight to the coronavirus crisis (yet), procurement teams must prepare now for a recession. Their big challenge is to determine what should be prioritized to maximize results. Suplari is reacting quickly to customer requests to deliver fully automated insights from a customers existing ERP and financial data that identify opportunities to conserve cash, avoid large payments, negotiate better terms, and enforce new policies.

AI vs Spend Analytics: An Honest Comparison

April 12, 2018By Jack QuarlesArtificial Intelligence, Blog

AI vs. Spend Analytics: An Honest Comparison If the difference between Spend Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in procurement is less than crystal clear in your mind, you are not alone. It’s almost as though whoever created these categories followed a recipe for confusion: Start with the name of a common activity Tweak that name … Read More

AI in Procurement: What you Need to Know Now

March 21, 2018By Jack QuarlesArtificial Intelligence, Blog

AI in Procurement: What you Need to Know Now These are exciting days in Procurement. Among us is a star that glitters, generates buzz, and steals headlines. Like many celebrities it is instantly recognized by just two initials—AI—but goes by other names including machine learning (ML), robotic process automation (RPA), and cognitive procurement. By any … Read More