British Telecom Announces BT Sourcing

February 18, 2021By Nikesh ParekhUncategorized

British Telecom Announces BT Sourcing Exciting news from CPO Cyril Pourrat at Suplari, Inc. customer BT. BT has set up a new innovative, AI-led procurement company called BT Sourced. Suplari, Inc. is the core AI-driven intelligence engine for BT‘s procurement team. We are so proud and happy to be with Cyril Pourrat, Adam Brown Siddharth (Sid) Pandey on this amazing journey.

Effective Contract Management Across the Enterprise is Critical….And Easier To Do Than You Think

February 4, 2021By Ty LevineUncategorized

When you peel back the Procurement onion, contracts are often an afterthought or the last piece to add to your Procurement Stack of software. According to McKinsey “the majority of organizations invest relatively limited resources in contract development and vendor management.” A third and equally important pillar of under investment is contract management. Up to … Read More

Thanksgiving 2020

November 25, 2020By Andrew HallerUncategorized

My grandfather used to say, “If we all give, when we start taking there will be too much to take.” As I sit here, the day before Thanksgiving, thinking about 2020 and what we have to be thankful for there is much reflection to be had. Zero years are the last of a decade or … Read More