Connected Data & Unified Supplier Model

Disconnected data and systems obscure saving opportunities and hide risks. Suplari connects your data and brings it to light.

Connect Your Data and Bring it to Light

AI-driven supplier categorization for procurement

Aggregate Spend Data Across Systems

We start by aggregating data and supplier activity from multiple systems – mainly the spend transactions captured in ERP systems, and also contract repositories, travel and expenses, corporate and P-card transactions – all in one place.

We make it simple and secure to bring your data to the cloud

The data requirements are straightforward, making it easy for your department to pull the data – with or even without IT’s help. We comply with security protocols to bring you peace of mind.

Quick wins from normalizing supplier names

Just by deduplicating suppliers names and entities, we already surface opportunities to more effectively consolidate contracts, negotiate conditions and manage suppliers.

Let machines do the repetitive work – and improve accuracy

We apply machine learning and AI to automate the data cleansing, normalization and enrichment. You save the time, resources and effort of manual approaches.
AI-driven supplier normalization for procurement

Get the complete picture of suppliers information

We complete supplier profiles, using data bureaus and supplier news updates. You get the full picture to manage supplier risk and relationships.

Suplari allows us to GET TO THE WHY FAST. We can now walk into a room and have the most up-to-date information. Our VP of IT was genuinely and visibly excited to be reviewing P-card spend as well as being able to clearly & quickly pull up his YTD spend and have more insight prior to making PO approval decisions.


Director of Global Procurement, GIA

Take advantage of AI technology and start seeing value quickly


Easy to Start

  • Onboarding and training
  • Straightforward data requirements
  • No rip and replace of legacy LOB
  • Secure cloud and integrations
  • Go live within weeks

Quick to Scale

  • Fluid and modern user experience
  • Cross-system access, in one place
  • Enterprise-wide capability
  • Systematic optimization cadence
  • Ever-expanding data sets

Fast ROI

  • Less time crunching data and reports
  • More focus on capturing CRC value
  • Better decisions, faster
  • Strong financial performance
  • Measurable outcomes

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