In Part 2 of this series, we looked at 7 ways Best-of-Breed solutions benefit procurement teams. In Part III, we examine how these solutions make CPOs and other C-Suite executives’ lives easier and provide the effective tools necessary to focus more on big-picture strategy.


CPOs and other corporate leaders understand the importance of having the best tools available to their teams to achieve the greatest possible results.

They also understand today’s interconnected, real-time, data-driven world requires a new set of customized solutions for procurement.

Yet, many leaders continue to cling to old systems and old ways of thinking.—

While this may simply be the result of old habits being hard to drop, to provide effective leadership and deliver exceptional results, CPOs must embrace new technologies and implement customized software solutions and AI to get maximum advantage, especially in procurement.

CPO Benefits

  • Faster & simpler access to up-to-date data & reports allows quicker and more effective decision making
  • AI insights into data that might otherwise be invisible to human eyes
  • The ability to focus more on developing optimal departmental and organizational strategies (while soliciting valuable input from your less-burdened team)
  • A more focused, energized, and engaged team
  • Less time solving problems & more time developing solutions
  • Improve procurement’s role in the organization – providing immense value to all stakeholders.

Whose Needs Matter Most

It’s the question CPOs must decide upon when seeking out new software solutions.

Big ERPs typically have some good points and some bad points. Is it really fair to adopt one of these and just hope that the good points outweigh the defects?

That doesn’t feel like a very sound approach…

You wonder, is it even possible to find a solution that satisfies everyone?

It may not be possible using an off-the-shelf ERP, and that’s exactly why Best-of-Breed solutions were developed.

Making Best-of-Breed Selections

The Best of Breed philosophy is all about one thing: not settling.

It’s about building a system that works perfectly for your organization – piece by piece.

(Don’t worry, it’s actually really simple!)

Does the Finance Team love your current platform, but the Procurement Team finds it cumbersome and unintuitive?

No problem!

Forget about finding an all-in-one solution that satisfies everyone –it doesn’t exist.

Instead, keep the current system—

And just add on!

Once you’ve determined what functionality Procurement is missing, you can identify an ideal Best-of-Breed solution that meets ALL your needs (and maybe more).

Set up a demo to find out how Suplari’s Best-of-Breed AI-based platform can help your organization reach optimal performance!