Listen to Greg Tennyson, Head of Global Corporate Services at VSP, and Suplari CEO Nikesh Parekh as they discuss Mergers and Acquisitions in the context of analytics tools. Greg, who has 30+ years of global executive leadership in the finance, operations and supply chain space, is now the Chief Procurement Officer of VSP. VSP has just recently acquired VisionWorks and is going through the M&A integration process. Greg touches on overcoming the challenges of M&A and forecasting due to disparate and dirty data, as well as the tremendous opportunity for value-adding M&A brings to the procurement function. 


What are the Impacts of an M&A done right? 

  • A merger or acquisition if done right will yield tremendous procurement synergies for the combined entity
  • On a multi-billion dollar transaction, you can easily save hundreds of millions of dollars with the right M&A process
  • Mining great data leads to procurement synergies
  • Empowering procurement transformation with data and insights

M&A Challenges Facing Procurement  

  • The challenge is cleansing, normalizing disaggregated data by mapping and hosting it in a searchable database that will tell a story – provide for actionable insights.
  • Unifying disparate data from multiple sources into one data.
  • Have all these different companies that all have different taxonomy.
  • Identifying and eliminating rogue spend, tail spend. 
  • Merging suppliers
  • Taking the correct actions with the procurement data that you have. 
  • Overcoming challenges of forecasting due to disparate and dirty data with better visibility