Suplari was included in a recent Kearney article The future of procurement: moving beyond mediocre technology discussing the challenges and failures of legacy Procurement technology.

Kearny says,

“Today’s procurement technology is a complete failure. More specifically, it is an unqualified abject failure. Business users hate it, procurement users loathe it, and even the technology vendors treat procurement functions as second-class citizens. In fact, after nearly 20 years of technology deployment, most organizations still struggle to get a comprehensive view of their spend (and some struggle with generating a basic view of supplier and category expenditure). The systems are rigid, complicated, and only solve a fraction of procurement’s requirement.” 

Kearney builds the case for replacing procurement suites with a best-of-breed technology strategy capitalizing on flexibility, speed, lower cost, and innovation. 

Kearney highlights Suplari as one example of disruptive new technologies and places Suplari in the center of the best-of-breed ecosystem. 

See below:

A Diagram Of Microservices All Connected To The Center Hub Or Platform (Exchange),Where Suplari Is Included