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Part 1 – Leaping into the future of AI-powered spend management and optimization | Watch On-Demand

Part 2 – Discover how Insights Applications persistently monitors spend data and proactively detect opportunities to optimize savings and risk | Watch On-Demand

Part 3 – Successfully Manage and Control T&E Programs with AI-Powered Insights | Watch On-Demand

Part 4 – Manage P-card Programs with Peace of Mind, Flexibility and Oversight | Watch On-Demand

Part 5 – Managing contracts: the crystal ball to consolidate supplier contracts, anticipate renewals and prepare for favorable negotiations | Watch On-Demand

The Future of Intelligent Spend Management

The core of the job in finance, procurement and operations, among many priorities, involve optimizing the business spend, risk and compliance. Beyond those operational aspects, progressive CFOs, CPOs and COOs also have more strategic agendas. They plan for the long haul and transform their organizations into effective centers of excellence. They are astute in aligning goals with corporate priorities, partnering with line of business. They do aim for, and are often measured on, finding savings but frame that in context of freeing up cashflow, reaching better margins and redeploying moneys to fund business growth. 

When it comes to technology, these transformative leaders pursue pragmatic approaches to achieve the elusive ‘digital transformation’.

This multi-part webinar series will discuss technology predictions and innovations in data science, analytics, AI and machine learning. It is designed to equip professionals in finance, procurement and operations for their technology investment decisions. We will share what they need to know to future-proof investments in their existing systems as well these new modern technologies:

  • Reporting and analytics tools that are sophisticated and accessible
  • Intelligent applications that automate opportunity detection and expedite outcome resolution for savings, risk, compliance, and financial health.
  • Custom Insights algorithms to tackle pressing initiatives and extend strategic business impact.
  • Intelligent Spend Management leverages AI to transform your team into an enterprise-wide, accountable and proactive practice.
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What You'll Learn

Throughout the series we will present customer stories, metrics, best practices and business guidance to help answer these questions and  more:

  • How to gain control of spend blind spots, suppliers activity and contracts renewal – when we still struggle with messy data, broken across systems?
  • What are the target savings benchmarks to aim for and how to find enough opportunities to confidently hit our savings goals?
  • Can I get my team out of data fixing and report crunching tasks, so they find more time to focus on decisions, relationships and value creation?
  • How can we better align procurement, finance and all up company’s priorities, to drive strategic impact and move the business forward?

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