Our Technology is Transformational

Learn how Spend Agility is redefining procurement as a strategic part of corporate finance. Download Suplari’s Next Generation Spend Intelligence and Financial Management ebook.

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AI & Machine Learning

Easily connect, normalize and enrich any data source with AI & machine learning.

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Automated Insights

Transform data into immediate action with automated opportunity detection.

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Best in Class UX

 Empower all users at any skill level with speed and clarity.

Solve Disconnected or Dirty Data Challenges

Quickly categorize, normalize & enrich enterprise data with artificial intelligence

We start with AI and machine learning to clean, normalize and categorize spend data and supplier activity from multiple systems – mainly the spend transactions captured in ERP systems, as well as contract repositories, travel and expenses, and corporate and P-card transactions.

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Proactively Identify Optimization Opportunities

Custom and pre-built automated insights provide a robust supply of actionable information.

Suplari Insights are mini applications that automate data analysis and present opportunities to users that can be turned into action through integrated workflow. With over 175+ prebuilt & custom insights, Suplari saves users hundreds of hours.

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Superior User Experience

Award winning, consumer-grade user experience provides value to all business users — even the CFO.

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