We recently sat down with Jake Arnold, head of Suplari customer success, and asked him what he’s been hearing from customers since Suplari became part of Microsoft.

What’s going to change in the product now that Suplari is part of Microsoft?  

In general, Suplari will only be getting better as part of Microsoft. Microsoft has been extremely impressed with Suplari and the tight linkage that exists between data, insights and actions. Microsoft is the leader in both Cloud and AI and we are looking to augment our insights with many of the AI technologies that Microsoft has already invested in. Microsoft also has a large group of AI and Data Scientists that we are now tapping into and that will enable Suplari’s analytics and insights platform to become even more powerful, predictive and automated.

Suplari’s user experience will remain the same.  All of the existing functionality that our customers have today will continue. Microsoft already has many connections into existing ERP’s and enterprise systems that will, over time, increase the automation rate of data ingestion into Suplari.  Over time we will be adding more self-service capabilities around data ingestion, insight creation and account administration.  

Suplari has always supported many ERP & P2P partners.  Will this continue?

Both Suplari and Microsoft believe in the power of  data–we’re open to data from all ERP and P2P systems.  Thus, we will continue to support our partners like Ariba, SAP, Netsuite, Coupa, and Workday along with the many additional sources of data we currently receive from our customers and our 3rd party data enrichment providers.  You’ll see more integrations as we continue together.

Congratulations to Suplari.  The team must be really excited!

We are very excited to be a part of a company with such a great history, and to start working with the many talented people on the Microsoft Insight Applications team. 100% of the Suplari team are now Microsoft employees and we are already seeing the alignment of values, goals, and the journey to bring more spend data and insights to procurement organizations. The Suplari team is proud of what we have built and accomplished over the past four years, and we have some of the most amazing customers who have helped us build the Suplari that you see today.  We can’t wait to see what Suplari will become with more technology, tools and resources at our disposal!

Will my customer support level change?

For the foreseeable future, support levels will remain the same and nothing will change. The entire customer success team continues to report to me and all the SFA’s and Analysts will continue to support their current customers.  In the future, we do expect to take advantage of the larger service organization already in place for Insights customers.  This will expand our global presence and even improve the speed at which our team can respond to requests.

Thank you Jake for your time and insights.
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