Suplari Contract Intelligence

Reveal hard-dollar cost savings locked inside your contract data.


Suplari Contract Intelligence leverages the power of AI to generate Insights that were previously hidden in your contract management system. Reduce supplier spend by 15% or more by empowering procurement and finance teams to proactively negotiate contract renewals, aggregate demand, and identify suppliers operating without a contract.

Suplari Contract Intelligence connects spend data from an accounts payable system to the information stored in a contract management application. By applying Artificial Intelligence to this new, unified data model, you’ll have a clear view into insights that were previously undiscovered.

Strengthen Your Negotiating Power

  • Gain access to information that improves your negotiating position
  • Discover the best time to negotiate renewals
  • Aggregate supplier spend for best pricing

Make Better Business Decisions

  • Quick access to supplier contracts
  • Improved data integrity
  • Better cross-department collaboration

Mitigate Risk and Ensure Compliance

  • Find missing contracts
  • Reduce cost overruns
  • Identify suppliers with spend outside of a contract

Growing Library of Machine Learning Insights

The Suplari Contract Intelligence subscription arms financial and procurement teams with a growing library of Insights to increase their negotiating power, consolidate spend, and bring more spend under contract.

"Early Contract Renewal Opportunities" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Insight into Early Contract Renewals

By comparing a contract’s expiration date to the supplier’s fiscal year, you’ll be in the strongest possible position to re-negotiate an early renewal.

"Demand Aggregation Contracts" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Insight into Contract Demand Aggregation Opportunities

Different business units often buy from suppliers outside of the standard agreement, at different terms and prices. With instant visibility into contracts that aren’t part of a MSA, you’ll recognize new opportunities to consolidate spend, or use the information to get preferred rates.

"Suppliers With Missing Contracts" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Insight into Suppliers with Missing Contracts

With a clear view of spend that isn’t associated with a contract, you can take steps to increase the amount spend under management.

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