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What are Suplari Insights?

Suplari Insights are mini applications that automate data analysis and present opportunities to users that can be turned into action through integrated workflow. Insights can also automatically take action like updating an ERP system or notifying a user. Suplari has spent years developing Insights based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create a solution that is always on wherever a user is located and whenever it is needed. Insight Generator technology builds strategic customized insights rapidly, in 1/10th the time of traditional software development enabling customization and focus by use case, vertical and persona.

175+ Library of Insights Now Available.

"Airline Demand Aggregation" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Airline Demand Aggregation

Analyzes spend across airlines and hotels, after normalizing the variety of entity names, for a broader and more accurate picture per supplier. Reveals opportunities to select and/or enforce use of preferred suppliers.

"Excessive Ground Transportation Rides" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Excessive or Systemic use of Uber/Taxi/Limo Rides

Detects unusually high use of Uber/Taxi/Limo Rides in a BU, Cost center, or employee. These may represent opportunities to curb spending, set limits and identify misuse.

demand aggregation insight

Insight into Demand Aggregation

Renegotiate contracts with recurring monthly, quarterly, or annual spend to aggregate demand and get the best price. Spend can be detected by multiple business units and more than one contract.

"Off Preferred Supplier Purchases" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Preferred Supplier Compliance

This insight uses preferred suppliers within the Travel category to detect spend in sub-categories that are outside of preferred suppliers.

"Weekend Shoppers Spend" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Weekend and Holiday Shoppers

Detects potential abuse and rogue spend on personal items.

"Excessive Hotel Stays Or Expenses" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Excessive Hotel Stays, Airfare, Charges, Fees

Detects over the top prices, charges and fees, indicating that the spend was not responsible or did not follow company policy.

"Per Diem Violations" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Suspect Meals & Entertainment

This insight detects suspicious meals and entertainment cost by using supplier intelligence.

"3rd Party Payment Services (PayPal, etc.)" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

3rd Party Payment Services (PayPal, etc.)

This insight allows Procurement and Finance to view spend through third-party payment providers. Often this spend is either out of policy or fraudulent.

"After The Fact Purchase Orders" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

After the Fact Purchase Orders

This insight identifies the key offenders who create POs after the actual good or service transaction has occurred. Attempts to bypass this review by creating purchase orders after transactions have already occurred exposes your company to regulatory risks such as overspending, unwanted legal liabilities and other governance failures.

"AP Outlier Transactions" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

AP & P-Card Outlier Transactions

These two insights detect transactions that fall outside of a statistical range when compared to the median transaction amount for a given supplier and spend source. While these may be legitimate transactions, unusually large spend activities should be investigated. There are a number of variables that can be used to tailor the outlier algorithm to work best for your company.

"Early Contract Renewal Opportunities" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Early Contract Renewal

Identifies opportunities to renew contracts early for increased savings by highlighting contracts with end dates within three months after the supplier’s fiscal year-end which enables you to renegotiate when the supplier is most likely to provide discounts.

"Demand Aggregation Contracts" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Demand Aggregation Contracts

Aggregate demand by consolidating supplier contracts. This insight finds Suppliers that have more than one active contract and no active master service agreements.

"AP Spend Without PO" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

AP Spend Without PO

Identifies AP spend greater than $25K without an associated purchase order. This represents spend that was not properly reviewed prior to payment, which exposes your organization to risk and increases the likelihood of paying for unneeded services.

"Excessive Airfare" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Excessive Airfare, Charges, Fees

This insight detects over the top airfare, charges and fees, indicating that the spend was not responsible or did not follow company policy. These may represent opportunities where policies like buying air ticket in advance from the preferred suppliers and in appropriate class (economy vs. first class) can be enforced and encouraged.

"High Growth" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

High Growth Suppliers

This insight detects suppliers whose spending growth is the most significant over the trailing 12 months from the latest transactions. Suppliers with less than 100% growth over the last 12 months are not considered. The dollar figures represent the projected additional spend.

"Fragmented Categories" Insight Tab On Suplair's Website

Fragmented Categories

This insight identifies categories where the top 10 suppliers comprise less than 70% of spend by amount. These sub-categories present opportunities to reduce cost by consolidating suppliers.

"Spend On Holidays" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Holiday Shoppers (P-Card)

This insight detects spend that happens during a holiday period, indicating that employees may be abusing their spend power in non-business related items or services. These may represent opportunities where companies can investigate the rogue spend, tighten up policies and save money.

"P-Card Subscriptions" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

P-Card Subscriptions

This insight detects recurring monthly spending by employees on p-cards with suppliers. These items are likely to represent subscriptions to services such as SaaS software or systemic spending by reloading a Starbucks card for example.

"Off Preferred Supplier Purchases" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Off-Preferred Supplier Purchases by Category

This insight analyzes spend within each category and detects areas where spend is significantly outside Preferred suppliers. These may provide opportunities to bring more spend under Prefered suppliers and established contracts to deliver more cost savings. Categories that are well managed with preferred suppliers can be easily monitored with this insight to detect spend on new unpreferred suppliers.

"PO Approval Violations" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

PO Approval Violations

This insight detects PO approvers that approve POs above their assigned approval limit. This can be one PO or Multiple POs that add up to greater than the approval limit.

"Supplier Spend Exceeding PO" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Supplier Spend Exceeding PO

This insight detects suppliers that have spend greater than the amount requested in purchase orders and looks for instances where the average difference is greater than 5%. These may indicate that there are extra costs incurred in the purchasing process with the supplier that can be mitigated or that the supplier may be out of compliance.

"Suspiciously Name Suppliers" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Suspiciously Named Suppliers

This insight detects suspicious supplier names or suspicious suppliers (on the US government watch lists). This may represent opportunities to identify rouge or inappropriate spend.

"Suppliers With No Active Contracts" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Supplier with No Active Contracts

Identifies suppliers with more than $50K in total spend and no active contracts (excluding NDAs).

Blue Quotation Mark

Suplari configures each Insight to the customer’s policies, parameters and thresholds. For example, one customer needed better visibility and monitoring of their Uber for Business spend. We’ve built Custom Insights to help them detect out-of-policy rides, distances, tips, travel times – all to help them reduce costs and enforce ground transportation policies.

Brian White

Chief Product Officer, Suplari

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