Suplari Spend Intelligence
Maximize the profits locked inside your spend data.


Suplari Spend Intelligence monitors and analyzes millions of transactions trapped within existing ERP, T&E, and Corporate Card data. Using the power of AI, Suplari can generate insights to discover the highest value opportunities inside your enterprise spend data. Spend Intelligence empowers your organization to maximize profits, control maverick spend, and prevent fraud and abuse. Procurement teams will stay two steps ahead and avoid unwelcome surprises that can compromise cash flow or expose the organization to risk. 

Suplari Spend Intelligence will integrate, cleanse, normalize, and visualize spend data from multiple data sources and ERPs. By applying Artificial Intelligence to this new, unified data model, you’ll have a clear view into insights that were previously undiscovered.

Maximize Profits

  • Aggregate all supplier spend under one contract for best pricing.
  • Be better prepared for contract renegotiations with full visibility into recurring spend by multiple business units and contracts.
  • Increase the percent of spend under contract to justify discounts.

Control Maverick Spend

  • Identify recurring spending by employees, on P-cards or expensed, such as supplier services or SaaS software.
  • Gain visibility into spend not mapped to a known supplier.
  • Better control suppliers with significant spend growth to ensure best pricing.


Prevent Fraud and Abuse

  • Flag large transaction outliers to validate and ensure spend is legitimate for a given supplier.
  • Identify duplicate transactions that signal supplier invoice errors, payables, or potential fraud.

Growing Library of Machine Learning Insights

The Suplari Spend Intelligence subscription arms financial and procurement teams with a growing library of Insights to increase their negotiating power, consolidate spend, and bring more spend under contract.

Insight into Suspicious Spend

Realize unexpected savings within duplicate transactions representing errors in supplier invoicing, payables, or potential fraud. By detecting same supplier,  same transaction (or posted) date, and same amount, you can be strategic with your sourcing by switching to preferred suppliers, negotiating discounts, and reducing waste incurred by overbuying.

Insight into High Growth Suppliers

Gain awareness of suppliers with significant spend growth to ensure best pricing. Insights detect suppliers whose spend growth is the most significant over the trailing 12 months from the latest transactions.

Insight into Demand Aggregation

Renegotiate contracts with recurring monthly, quarterly, or annual spend to aggregate demand and get the best price. Spend can be detected by multiple business units and more than one contract.

Insight into Subscriptions

Identify recurring monthly, quarterly, or annual spending by employees on P-cards or expensed with suppliers. These items are likely to represent recurring subscriptions to the supplier services or SaaS software.

Insight into Outlier Transactions

Detect transactions which fall outside the statistical range when compared with the mean of transaction amounts for a given supplier. While these may be legitimate spend, large transaction outliers should be investigated.

Insight into Fragmented Categories

Identify sub-categories where the top 10 suppliers represent less than 70% of spend. In these cases, there is a high potential for cost reductions by consolidating suppliers in that sub-category.

Insight into Unmapped Transactions and Suppliers

Identify the transactions which are not mapped to a known supplier. Companies can configure a trigger when spend falls below a defined percentage of the total spend to ensure sufficient accuracy in spend visibility.

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