Supplier Diversity Insights

Automate and Streamline Supplier Diversity Programs with Suplari Supplier Diversity Insights.

How Supplier Diversity Insights Work

Data Enrichment & Automated Baselining

Using advanced AI/ML techniques within supplier normalization, Suplari automatically identifies all diverse spend in a spend base leveraging its partner database ( Enriched data continually refreshes, eliminating one-off analysis, allowing users to see how Diverse spend is changing month over month

Automated Opportunity Identification

Suplari created a suite of automated Insights that both recommends new diverse supplier opportunities as well as identifies Cost centers and categories which have low diverse spend and can be targeted as diverse spend improvement areas.  

Goal Tracking & Program Management

With Suplari Connect, program managers can create initiatives from opportunities, assign employees to these initiatives and drive these to increase diversity. Suplari Connect provides an in-procurement collaboration platform for teams to work on these projects – bringing data, action plans, best practices and tracking mechanisms together to efficiently manage and drive results.

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