Travel & Expense Insights Pack

Suplari eliminates manual and labor-intensive monitoring of T&E compliance with Insights

T&E management comes in different shades, with every company having their own flavors of process, oversight, and deposited trust on employees. Some companies even rationalize “the leakage amount is not worth the effort to track it,” given their manual, labor-intensive, spreadsheet bound methods. Let our algorithms do the work and alert you about issues, instead.
Suplari’s T&E Insights Pack easily automates and scales T&E monitoring. Approving managers, employees and stakeholders will feel in control about savings, risk and compliance. Build a culture of trust, accountability and professionalism around consuming company’s resources

Monitor T&E spend

Gain control over the volumes of transactions, potential savings and hidden risks in your spend data.

Improve compliance

Reveal opportunities to define, refine and track policies, enforcing enterprise-wide compliance.

Reduce travel costs

Manage the full spectrum of tail spend in order to find more cost optimization opportunities.

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Insights Apps in the T&E Insights Pack

"Airline Demand Aggregation" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Airline Demand Aggregation

Analyzes spend across airlines and hotels, after normalizing the variety of entity names, for a broader and more accurate picture per supplier. Reveals opportunities to select and/or enforce use of preferred suppliers.

"Excessive Ground Transportation Rides" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Excessive or Systemic use of Uber/Taxi/Limo Rides

Detects unusually high use of Uber/Taxi/Limo Rides in a BU, Cost center, or employee. These may represent opportunities to curb spending, set limits and identify misuse.

demand aggregation insight

Insight into Demand Aggregation

Renegotiate contracts with recurring monthly, quarterly, or annual spend to aggregate demand and get the best price. Spend can be detected by multiple business units and more than one contract.

"Off Preferred Supplier Purchases" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Preferred Supplier Compliance

This insight uses preferred suppliers within the Travel category to detect spend in sub-categories that are outside of preferred suppliers.

"Weekend Shoppers Spend" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Weekend and Holiday Shoppers

Detects potential abuse and rogue spend on personal items.

"Excessive Hotel Stays Or Expenses" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Excessive Hotel Stays, Airfare, Charges, Fees

Detects over the top prices, charges and fees, indicating that the spend was not responsible or did not follow company policy.

"Per Diem Violations" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

Suspect Meals & Entertainment

This insight detects suspicious meals and entertainment cost by using supplier intelligence.

"3rd Party Payment Services (PayPal, etc.)" Insight Tab On Suplari's Website

3rd Party Payment Services (PayPal, etc.)

This insight allows Procurement and Finance to view spend through third-party payment providers. Often this spend is either out of policy or fraudulent.

Blue Quotation Mark

Suplari configures each T&E Insight to the customer’s policies, parameters and thresholds. For example, one customer needed better visibility and monitoring of their Uber for Business spend. We’ve built Custom Insights to help them detect out-of-policy rides, distances, tips, travel times – all to help them reduce costs and enforce ground transportation policies.

Brian White

Chief Product Officer, Suplari

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