Maximize your ERP Investment with Suplari

The days of using mediocre spend data twice a year to earmark budgets and execute contracts is over. If you want to reduce cost, find cash and drive investment for your company Every Single Day, you have come to the right place.

A Diagram Of "Seeing The Big Picture" For Spend Management

See The Big Picture

When it comes to spend management, just seeing some of your data isn’t good enough. The decisions you make everyday impact the top and bottom lines of your company. You need access to clean spend and operational data that includes your internal data sets as well as your external supplier intelligence. integrate AP, P-card, T&E, PO and contracts with risk, diversity, news and financial data to give you a daily supply of actionable information. So you make the best decisions for your company.

Yesterday’s Data Can’t Drive Today’s Decisions

Now more than ever, you need to make spend and finance decisions in step with volatile market conditions. Don’t settle for monthly reports or third party audits from your P2P suite when you can have a steady stream of cost reduction and cash flow opportunities at your fingertips every day, in seconds.

AI Helps Your Teams Take The Right Next Action

Traditional analytics, BI and spreadsheets only go so far when it comes to modern finance and procurement. AI is changing the game, providing predictive insights that empowers teams to manage demand, spend and cash flow on a daily basis. We proactively assist in scenario planning and can identify opportunities overlooked by less advanced reporting and processes, enabling your team to take the right next action every time.

Spend Intelligence is a Team Sport

When it comes to achieving business KPIs, Finance and Procurement need to be on the same team. They need a shared view of enterprise data, and tools that everyone can use regardless of skill level. We help cross-functional teams collaborate and act quickly on data, insights and strategy recommendations. Our simple, intuitive and interactive UX provides a single source of truth and data transparency for all users with minimal training required.

Suplari is focused on your results

Top global brands choose Suplari to evolve the way costs and cash flow are managed and drive outcomes.

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Predictive Insights in 30 Days

In today’s business environment, profit margin and productivity are the KPIs that count. Our Spend Intelligence Cloud helps drive these metrics and more, all with an intuitive user interface that starts delivering ROI in weeks. Suplari is:


Easy to Start

•  Onboarding and training
•  Straightforward data requirements
•  No rip and replace of legacy LOB
•  Secure cloud and integrations
•  Go live within weeks


Quick to Scale

•  Fluid and modern user experience
•  Cross-system access, in one place
•  Enterprise-wide capability
•  Systematic optimization cadence
•  Ever-expanding data sets


Fast ROI

•  Less time crunching data & reports
•  More focus on capturing CRC value
•  Better decisions, faster
•  Strong financial performance
•  Measurable outcomes

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