Next Generation Spend Analytics Solutions for Procurement & Finance

The Spend Analytics system Gartner named "Cool Vendor" for innovative use of AI.

Automate complex analysis with
AI-powered insights

Quickly build customized analytics and insights powered by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) embedded in the Suplari Intelligence Platform. Teams can quickly create detailed reports, monitor key suppliers, assess risk, and manage compliance against internal process and policy. Implementation is quick and easy, without the need for engineering, IT, or data science support.
A Review Of Suplari By Bryan Rhee, The Director Of Strategic Procurement & Risk For The New York Public Library

Unified and normalized data

Suplari applies AI and machine learning to transform and connect spend data – mainly from ERP and accounts payable systems, and also contract repositories, travel and expenses (T&E), as well as corporate and P-card transactions. We then run algorithms across data sources to reveal optimization opportunities. We can also build custom insights that connect to other enterprise data sets including budgets, cost object allocations, departmental spend and more.

"Good procurement analytics requires a clean, accessible single source of truth for all supplier information-a centralized procurement data lake, which provides a logical place to store all supplier, transaction, and commodity information"

ATKearney Procurement Analytics
Nearly Everything You’ve Been Told About Procurement Analytics Is Wrong

Advanced supplier normalization and tagging technology

Stop wrestling with complicated and messy supplier data. Be confident that Suplari’s AI normalization and tagging engine outputs highly accurate and clean vendor data for actionable next steps.

Explore trends by categories, cost centers and business units

Categorization is the foundation of the procurement process. Our team of experts and proprietary AI can quickly solve challenging categorization demands. With Suplari get quick answers to common questions about spend by categories, POs, cost centers, and business units – even by employee.
A Computer Screen Showing Different Data Categories On Suplari's Website
Purchase order details spend analytics

Go all the way to the PO detail

Investigating saving optimization and purchase compliance can go all the way to finding the details related to PO approvals, limits and violations.

Predictive Insights in 30 Days

In today’s business environment, profit margin and productivity are the KPIs that count. Our Spend Intelligence Cloud helps drive these metrics and more, all with an intuitive user interface that starts delivering ROI in weeks. Suplari is:


Easy to Start

•  Onboarding and training
•  Straightforward data requirements
•  No rip and replace of legacy LOB
•  Secure cloud and integrations
•  Go live within weeks


Quick to Scale

•  Fluid and modern user experience
•  Cross-system access, in one place
•  Enterprise-wide capability
•  Systematic optimization cadence
•  Ever-expanding data sets


Fast ROI

•  Less time crunching data & reports
•  More focus on capturing CRC value
•  Better decisions, faster
•  Strong financial performance
•  Measurable outcomes

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