Suplari and Microsoft: Stronger Together

Suplari was recently acquired by Microsoft. Our joint vision of a data-first future means that spend analytics will get smarter, faster. Intelligent predictions and actionable insights throughout the enterprise will rapidly accelerate and customers will benefit from reduced spend and increased efficiencies.

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Suplari Continues as Suplari

We’re not changing, although the pace of our innovation will. The entire Suplari system including our award-winning UX, analytics, Spend Intelligence Cloud, Insights Library, and rapid implementation tools continue. We support all ERP and P2P partners, and our world-class customer success has you covered no matter your need.

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Suplari’s Industry-Leading Technology Leads the Way

Suplari AI-driven technology has revolutionized procurement. Our customers see more savings because Suplari automatically finds the money. Leveraging Microsoft’s significant AI leadership enables us to build on this foundation and deliver more features, services and value.

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Expect More in the Future

Our innovation curve will rapidly accelerate with Microsoft. As a customer, you’ll benefit from more AI-driven, predictive and prescriptive insights, and integrated workflows than ever before. Microsoft and Suplari’s combined investments in data, AI, and the cloud will deliver increased value for procurement, finance and business teams around the world.

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