Be Ready for What’s Coming Next

20/20 hindsight is great. But what you really need now is 20/20 foresight — an early warning system that helps you flex your financial and operating plan on demand. We’re here to help.

Eliminate Budget Surprises and Improve Forecasting Accuracy

You need to know ASAP when spending is trending above budget or cost centers and Business Units are consistently exceeding spend forecasts. Our predictive insights act as “always on” opportunity detectors, pulling data from multiple systems including spend, contract, and PO, to make sure your finance leaders are always in the know and empowered with directives for the right next action.

Optimize Cash Flow and Find Hidden Dollars for Your Next Investment

The more you can manage cash and find hidden dollars to invest in your most pressing initiatives, the more strategic your finance operation will be. We give your team a steady stream of opportunities to optimize cash flow – so they can make recommendations on suppliers or renegotiate payment terms, configure cash flow predictions based on supplier spend, PO, and contract data, and more.

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Identify, Predict and Mitigate Risk
(while being super nice about it)

Our AI helps your finance teams predict risk among individuals, departments and suppliers. It feels a little like magic — knowing ahead of time which key suppliers might be at risk of default, how much Sales might overspend their T&E budget, and who in Marketing might try to sneak a PO through after-the-fact. Best of all, since it hasn’t happened yet, your team can be super nice while they help everyone be fiscally responsible.

A Review Of Suplari By Jason Buck, The Director Of Strategic Sourcing, Procurement, & Vendor Management For BlueCross BlueShield Of Kansas

Predictive Insights in 30 Days

In today’s business environment, profit margin and productivity are the KPIs that count. Our Spend Intelligence Cloud helps drive these metrics and more, all with an intuitive user interface that starts delivering ROI in weeks. Suplari is:


Easy to Start

•  Onboarding and training
•  Straightforward data requirements
•  No rip and replace of legacy LOB
•  Secure cloud and integrations
•  Go live within weeks


Quick to Scale

•  Fluid and modern user experience
•  Cross-system access, in one place
•  Enterprise-wide capability
•  Systematic optimization cadence
•  Ever-expanding data sets


Fast ROI

•  Less time crunching data & reports
•  More focus on capturing CRC value
•  Better decisions, faster
•  Strong financial performance
•  Measurable outcomes

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