Step Into The Spotlight with AI

Profitability is more important than ever — and procurement leaders are more strategic than ever. Empower your team with AI-fueled software to maximize every dollar of profit and discover every dollar of cost savings.

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Identify the Next Right Action

Traditional spend visibility looks backward at historical data to generate reports that help inform decisions. We think the future is forward-looking and software-enabled. We use AI to automate analysis of current data and historical patterns to then predict the best spend management actions moving forward. So your decisions are timely, relevant, and data-driven.

Achieve Your Cost Reduction Goals

Today’s decentralized enterprise environment presents real challenges for procurement teams tasked with spend reduction — especially when it comes to mid- and long-tail spend. Our AI-powered software helps you get a line-of-sight on all your cost reduction opportunities. And we go further, providing not just 20/20 foresight into your spend, but making it easy to assign and track opportunities across teams and users.

A Computer Screen Of Suplari's Website Showing Different Data
A Computer Screen Of Suplari's Website Showing Different Data

Enable Enterprise-Wide Collaboration

Spend management really is a team sport. You want all your stakeholders — not just your IT pros and data scientists — to be empowered to better manage cash flow and cost savings with fast, accurate data and smart insights. We help you eliminate spreadsheets, pivot tables, and data visualization tools so you can free up your team to focus on higher level and higher value initiatives. Like building relationships with suppliers, and teaming up with finance departments to find cash and invest it in strategic initiatives.

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Predictive Insights in 30 Days

In today’s business environment, profit margin and productivity are the KPIs that count. Our Spend Intelligence Cloud helps drive these metrics and more, all with an intuitive user interface that starts delivering ROI in weeks. Suplari is:


Easy to Start

•  Onboarding and training
•  Straightforward data requirements
•  No rip and replace of legacy LOB
•  Secure cloud and integrations
•  Go live within weeks


Quick to Scale

•  Fluid and modern user experience
•  Cross-system access, in one place
•  Enterprise-wide capability
•  Systematic optimization cadence
•  Ever-expanding data sets


Fast ROI

•  Less time crunching data & reports
•  More focus on capturing CRC value
•  Better decisions, faster
•  Strong financial performance
•  Measurable outcomes

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