Suplari has been recognized by Spend Matters as one of the fast-rising and most promising “50 to Watch” procurement providers for 2020. Independently selected by Spend Matters analysts based on growth, innovation, tech capabilities, and solution delivery — Suplari is most certainly a company worth watching!

Suplari was founded just 4 years ago by a team of long-time entrepreneurs with a passion for relieving the headaches organizations face in managing, analyzing and extracting relevant insights from their data. And in those 4 short years, we’ve been recognized again and again for our powerful, unique, and innovative solutions and our modern and easily-customizable user experience.

Our goal at Suplari has always been to put procurement professionals back in charge. By connecting and analyzing all available data using powerful machine learning algorithms, Suplari gives procurement teams the insights they need to find valuable cost-saving opportunities and make better data-backed decisions.

How Suplari Provides Even More Value in a Crisis

A recent Spend Matters analyst report highlights the value of Suplari’s advanced procurement analytics in locating the risks hiding in your data amid the Coronavirus epidemic.

With supply chains being disrupted and economic pressures resulting in significant variations in pricing and costs, it’s never been more important to have the analytics and insights you need to identify and respond to these risks. And this doesn’t just apply to our present crisis. Suplari’s tools keep your team informed and prepared when any adverse event threatens economic stability.

The analyst’s report identified 5 core capabilities that make Suplari a compelling choice to watch by procurement organizations:

  1. Unified Data Model — Suplari’s full enterprise data model allows your organization to utilize all available data including T&E data, asset data, budget data, and more.
  1. Unified Data Management — allows teams to manipulate spend cubes and data to extract valuable insights.
  1. Contract Management — Suplari has a built-in fully extensible contract management system capable of extracting and analyzing contract metadata.
  1. Contract Dashboard — a simple interface that gives teams deep insight into all of your contracts and extracted data.
  1. Insights Manager — with over 6 dozen out-of-the-box insights, Suplari provides spend visibility that drives savings, improves efficiency, and helps to reduce risks and prevent loss.

In addition, the report highlighted 3 major differentiators that set Suplari apart from the competition:

  1. The Advanced Statistical, Machine Learning, & AI Algorithms that give your team the ability to gain powerful insights from all your data.
  1. The Suplari Data Exchange does all the work in cleansing, categorizing, and enriching your data to make it organized, shareable, and actionable.
  1. The Insights needed to illuminate various patterns and cost-saving opportunities (with over 6 dozen out-of-the-box and the ability to build and customize new insights as needed).

The report also explored the value Suplari’s solution provides to Executives, VPs & Directors, and Managers/Analysts from various organization departments amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Suplari was rated “critical for this role” for 100% of the groups in Procurement, Finance, and Supply Chain departments, and rated as either “critical” or “valuable” in over 94% of the departmental roles analyzed.

With all the power and innovation Suplari provides in the procurement space, it’s no wonder we’ve been named a company to watch! Suplari puts you and your team back in the driver’s seat and gives you the power you need to make better data-backed decisions and get control over your spend.

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