Suplari Insights Generator enables financial and procurement professionals to easily design their own customized AI-powered insights without engineering or data science resources to deliver business outcomes

SEATTLE – September 19, 2018 – Suplari, the AI-driven insights platform for procurement and finance, today announced the release of the Suplari Insights Generator. This new release enables companies to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) embedded in the Suplari Intelligence platform to build customized analytics and insights to address the most pressing profit, risk and compliance opportunities that enterprises face today.

Today, the Suplari Intelligence Platform aggregates, augments, and analyzes data from a company’s systems of record including contract management, ERP, T&E, corporate card, and procure-to-pay systems. Suplari also enriches an enterprise’s data with internal consumption data and 3rd party sources to provide targeted intelligence, revealing new opportunities to reduce cost, mitigate risk, and increase compliance.

Suplari Insights Generator will enable companies to extend the value of the Suplari Intelligence platform by creating new insights that target their organization’s specific strategic initiatives or compliance issues, without the need for costly IT, engineering, or data science resources.

“Insights Generator is a massive step forward for Suplari and our finance and procurement customers to proactively drive business outcomes,” said Suplari CEO Nikesh Parekh. “There is a wealth of data flowing through an enterprise’s financial and procurement systems. Unfortunately, leveraging and acting on that data is difficult.  Finance and procurement are generally last in line for engineering or data science resources. By leveraging the cloud and advances in the application of AI frameworks, Suplari customers can now automate the monitoring of their contracts, spend and suppliers to effortlessly analyze and act on their data. With Suplari Insights Generator, customers can create new enterprise-specific insights to unearth opportunities to improve profits, risk and compliance.  Suplari is building out a library of targeted and customizable insights that can be leveraged within and across all Suplari enterprise customers.”

About Suplari

Suplari helps procurement and finance organizations uncover the hard-dollar cost savings hidden inside millions of data points. By analyzing millions of sourcing transactions from disparate data sources, Suplari’s AI-driven platform generates the insights needed to reduce spend, increase compliance, and improve employee productivity. Our mission is to enable procurement organizations to achieve higher levels of operational intelligence, efficiency and effectiveness, so that their companies can invest in growth, innovation and their people. For more information, contact