Suplari unlocks product and service level details with Purchasing Analytics & Insights, a new module for Enterprise procurement teams to gain better visibility into the products & services they are buying.

December 11, 2019 – Suplari, Inc. today announced the launch of Purchasing Analytics & Insights, expanding their innovative AI-driven spend analytics system.  Purchasing Analytics & Insights is used by finance and procurement teams to improve their purchasing processes and gain better visibility and search across the products and services they are buying.  Suplari achieves this by connecting PO data to spend and supplier contract data giving visibility and insight. This is critical to managing and tracking PO line item details to drive responsible and accountable purchasing practices.  With the new Purchasing Analytics & Insights module procurement and finance teams can easily search across millions of line items of data to discover inefficiencies, measure key purchasing metrics, discover outliers, and engage more strategically with their business partners.  

“We want to make it easy for our customers to perform even the most complicated analysis in Suplari without being a data expert,” says Nikesh Parekh, CEO of Suplari. “PO line items contain granular details about what items are being bought, at what unit prices, quantities and locations. Suplari allows for rapid search across millions of products and services purchased across thousands of suppliers and connects the results to spend and supplier contracts.  This gives our customers a real advantage in sourcing and negotiations.” 

The new Purchasing Analytics & Insights module also expands the Suplari Insights library.  Insights are Suplari’s AI-driven, automated opportunity detection robots, that sift through the data continuously to uncover opportunities.  Insights in the new module include PO Approval Violations, After-the-Fact POs, Spend Greater than PO, AP Spend without a PO, and Budget Buster (transactions assigned to different cost center than referenced in PO). These insights readily show Suplari users what’s happening across their purchasing without the need to create and run reports or slicing and dicing data in Excel. 

Purchasing Analytics & Insights is available today. Click here to request a demo or learn more.