Suplari Named Winner of DPW’s DEMO Cost Reduction & Savings Category

“Suplari takes transparency to a new level by identifying and triggering concrete actions based on a company’s procurement data and the number of action alerts are constantly growing as users are adding new options to the joint library which continuously improves the value from the solution.” Matthias Gutzmann, Founder – DPW

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Suplari Named Winner of DPW’s DEMO 2021 Cost Reduction & Savings Category

About DEMO:

DEMO is DPW’s signature pitching competition bringing together the most disruptive startups that will have the greatest impact and ROI on procurement’s digital transformation.

About the “Cost Reduction & Savings” category:

This category supports the implementation of emerging technologies that address all or part of the procurement process with the aim of generating measurable bottom line savings. These technologies also address savings made through re-negotiation of contract terms and conditions, administrative and operational process improvements, and the intelligent use of data.

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