Suplari Selected as Procurement Innovator by SIG Innovation Accelerator

Premier procurement organization’s accelerator program connects emerging technologies and products to F500 member companies.

SEATTLE – April 19, 2018 – Suplari, the AI-driven insights platform for finance and procurement, today announced its selection into the prestigious Sourcing Industry Group’s (SIG) Innovation Accelerator program. The SIG Innovation Accelerator (SIA) empowers the leaders of Fortune 500 companies and providers of innovative products to create the future of procurement.

Suplari was amongst the selected companies that achieved the highest ratings for creativity and positive impacts on the procurement and Source through Supply Chain (SSC) functions during SIA’s evaluation process.

suplari-SIG-innovation-accelerator“Suplari was nominated by the CPO of a Fortune 200 company who is a member of our Leadership Council, which is a strong endorsement,” said Barry Wiegler, CEO of SIA. “Their innovative use of AI to drive visibility, efficiency and additional impacts in procurement stood out among many Accelerator candidates. Suplari is an excellent example of the type of innovation that Fortune 500 companies are looking for in order to create the next wave of performance improvements.”

“We’re thrilled to be recognized by SIG Innovation Accelerator as a leader and innovator in procurement and sourcing,” said Nikesh Parekh, CEO of Suplari. “Procurement, sourcing and cost management of Fortune 500 companies are a perfect application for artificial intelligence. Suplari sits on top of the data in existing enterprise software systems, analyzes the data, and provides the CFO and the Chief Procurement Officer with actionable recommendations to reduce costs, identify risk and improve compliance. We look forward to working with SIG and helping member companies drive additional impact and value from their procurement function.”

About SIG Innovation Accelerator (SIA)

The SIG Innovation Accelerator (SIA) offers a portfolio of services to help develop and improve the innovation pipeline for Source through Supply Chain and related functions. By leveraging the ideas, experience and buying power of SIG’s globally-recognized member companies, the SIA seeks to facilitate innovation and improve profits while simultaneously reducing risk for both buy-side companies and product providers.

About Suplari
Suplari provides an AI-driven insights platform that enables enterprises to achieve what’s not humanly possible. Customers realize hard dollar cost savings and effectively manage supplier risk that is today hidden within millions of data points in the enterprise. Suplari connects and unifies disparate supplier data sources and systems and then continuously analyzes millions of supplier and sourcing transactions to generate real-time AI-driven insights on reducing spend, mitigating risk and increasing compliance. Suplari’s products are on the cutting edge of AI in procurement and cloud computing. For more information, contact info (at)

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