Suplari, the first AI-driven spend analytics and supplier management system for modern procurement will be a Workday Ventures exhibitor at Workday Rising. Workday Rising is Workday’s annual gathering of customers, prospective customers, partners, and employees that collaborate and learn how Workday helps organizations achieve their growth objectives and prepare for the future. This year’s Workday Rising event will be held October 14 -17, 2019 in Orlando.

Workday Rising gives Suplari an opportunity to showcase our partnership with Workday. Together Workday and Suplari will help provide customers with real-time analytics and proactive insights on a single system, which can help support cost savings, reduce supplier risk, and enhance purchasing compliance.

Suplari & Workday Partnership:

Suplari joined the Workday Ventures portfolio in 2016. This year we have received additional financing from Workday Ventures to expand our core technology and drive more value for the customer.

This new investment will allow Suplari to expand our core technology platform that rapidly builds proactive, AI-driven insights from enterprise data, and accelerate sales and marketing activities. The Suplari Insights library, which includes more than 60 insights, allows customers to better manage supplier performance, budgets and forecasting, contract renewals, purchasing card, travel and expense compliance, and more.

Suplari and Workday’s partnership has grown from investor to customer, to an integration partner. “Workday’s partnership will enable Suplari to help our customers and future customers achieve their financial and strategic goals,” said CEO, Nikesh Parekh. “By taking data that is usually inaccessible or unactionable and normalizing it, so that it is easy to view and understand, we are able to help our customers make quick business decisions to optimize financial health and business critical KPIs.”

What’s Next:

Our future integration with Workday will help improve and give both Suplari and Workday customers the ability to gain true intelligence and visibility into their procurement data. Teams will have an integrated system between Suplari and Workday and can leverage insights to quickly identify cost-saving opportunities.

Suplari will continue to add to our growing library of Insights Applications. Insights are crowdsourced through customers, Suplari data scientists, and partners. Insights are also configurable to each customer to achieve their specific business needs. 

To learn more about Suplari, stop by our kiosk at the Workday Ventures booth at Workday Rising. Our team is excited to meet you!

About Suplari

Suplari is the Spend Analytics and Supplier Management system for modern procurement. Suplari enables teams to achieve their financial and strategic goals, by improving productivity, proactively identifying optimization opportunities, and focusing on strategic initiatives that are most critical for overall company success. Learn more about Suplari at