Gartner has recently named Suplari a 2019 Cool Vendor in Sourcing and Procurement Applications. This prestigious report, crafted by analysts Micky Keck, Magnus Bergfors, Kaitlynn Sommers and Patrick Connaughton, names interesting, new and innovative vendors, products and services. We attribute our inclusion both to the cool success stories our customers share and to the cool technology innovations our teams work on. To celebrate and inform you about such stories and innovations, we’ve put together two programs:  

Sharing the Cool Vendor Recognition with our Cool Customers – transformative leaders of cutting-edge procurement and finance organizations

The Gartner report contrasts that “while organizations rarely view procurement as a source of competitive advantage, the use of AI and predictive analytics will help procurement fuel business success.” We work with progressive finance and procurement leaders who focus on both operational results as well as strategic agendas. They plan for the long haul and transform their organizations into effective centers of excellence. They are astute in aligning goals with corporate priorities, partnering with line of business. They do aim for, and are often measured on, finding savings but frame that in context of freeing up cash flow, reaching better margins and redeploying moneys to fund business growth. Check out their stories in this complimentary collection of customer case studies that you can download right away.

An Open Computer, Coffee Mug, Glasses, Ipad, And Office Supplies On The FloorThe Cool Must-Know Technologies Trends Shaping Procurement and Finance into Strategic Centers of Excellence

When it comes to technology, these transformative leaders pursue pragmatic approaches to achieve the elusive ‘digital transformation’. The Gartner research calls out that “embracing innovation in procurement technology powered by AI can deliver a competitive advantage to the organization.” It further suggests that “application leaders should consider the vendors included in this report to deliver actionable insights and improve process automation.”

In the wake of Gartner’s reported key findings and recommendations, we’ve put together the webinar learning series: Technology predictions and innovations propelling the next generation of Intelligent Spend & Financial Management in the enterprise.

This multi-part learning series will discuss technology predictions and innovations in data science, analytics, AI and machine learning. It is designed to equip professionals in finance, procurement and operations for their technology investment decisions. We will share what they need to know to future-proof investments in their existing systems as well these new modern technologies:

  • Basic reporting and analytics tools are no longer enough: Most companies are still struggling with data quality and visibility. But even the ones that made progress enhancing data and investing in BI analytics tools are still held back, in reactive mode. They experience the constraints of time and resources to perform all intended or needed analysis, let alone turn any found insights into action.
  • Intelligent applications automate opportunity detection and expedites outcomes resolution: Cloud, machine learning and AI technologies are admittedly still hyped. But practical and tangible usage is making ways into intelligent applications. These apps persistently monitor data and proactively reveal opportunities to optimize savings, risk, compliance and financial health. Teams save time, become more efficient and can focus on what matters most.
  • Custom Insights become your squad of trained algorithms for extended strategic business impact: Data science, delivered as a platform or better yet as a service, enables enterprises to tackle their most pressing strategic initiatives. Leaders and anyone responsible for budgets or vendor management can explore novel data connections, cost allocations and performance comparisons. Procurement and finance can further align with line of business counterparts, revealing data blind spots, missing metrics and hidden risks.
  • Intelligent Spend Management turns into an enterprise-wide, accountable and ongoing practice, rather than reactive, one-off initiatives: Equipped with these AI-powered Insights Applications, pre-packaged or custom, enterprise finance and procurement teams can fill a rich opportunity pipeline, with a variety of contributing tactics and levers, and an accelerated pace to hit optimization goals.

Each session will explore these trends and demonstrate the Suplari system and technologies to tackle the associated opportunities and challenges. Throughout the series we will present customer stories, metrics, best practices and business guidance to help answer these questions and many more:

  • How to gain control of spend blind spots, suppliers activity and contracts renewal – when we still struggle with messy data, broken across systems?
  • What are the target savings benchmarks to aim for and how to find enough opportunities to confidently hit our savings goals?
  • Can I get my team out of data fixing and report crunching tasks, so they find more time to focus on decisions, relationships and value creation?
  • How can we better align procurement, finance and all up company’s priorities, to drive strategic impact and move the business forward?

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