My grandfather used to say, “If we all give, when we start taking there will be too much to take.” As I sit here, the day before Thanksgiving, thinking about 2020 and what we have to be thankful for there is much reflection to be had. Zero years are the last of a decade or century, so good riddance to the second decade of the twentieth century. What am I and my team at Suplari thankful for this year?

We are thankful for the health, safety and security of our families and colleagues and their families as this pandemic rages all around us.

We are thankful that we get to work with some amazing and talented people who build great products and help great companies achieve even greater successes.

Collectively, we know the hardships many in the world have faced and continue to face because of Covid. We know how fortunate we are to have the ability to wake up every morning, go to work, albeit at home, and provide for our families. We all give great thanks.

While most have grown tired of Zoom and endless emails and slack going off, we are thankful that technology exists to keep us all connected. To keep us connected to one another and to our customers around the world.

On a playful note, many of my colleagues are thankful for good coffee on every street corner, take-out food and delivery availability. 

I am personally thankful for the health and happiness of my parents, my two daughters, my girlfriend and her children and my friends and family around the world. The world would be a different universe without any of them in it.

To my Suplari family and their families, our customers and partners and their families, may you have the most happiest of Thanksgiving. Please, everyone take a moment to say thanks for something in their lives during this unique 2020 Thanksgiving.