"The Push Button Corporation: Suplari's Software Might Be Savvier Than Most Of Your Employees - Written By Tiernan Ray"

The Push Button Corporation

Technology analyst and thought leader Tiernan Ray of Fortune, Forbes and ZDNet shares his feature on the future of technology in the enterprise. Tiernan cites Suplari as a standout example of innovative start-ups offering solutions that significantly improve efficiency and impact the bottom-line. 

Read an Excerpt:

“Using the Suplari code, they were able to have an analyst right out of college do the work, instead of what would have been somebody ten years out, who would have had to go talk to all the vendors, figure out what the requirements are, go negotiate with them, etc. They were able to have someone very junior within the organization, within a matter of weeks, deliver hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.”

About the Author:

Tiernan Ray has covered technology and business since 1994, the year Amazon got started. He was the resident technology blogger and columnist at Barrons.com and Barron’s magazine for over a decade. He has been a reporter for SmartMoney and Bloomberg, and his work has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, ZDNet, Capital Market Labs, and The New York Times. His writing on artificial intelligence can be seen weekly at ZDNet. A selection of recent CEO and CFO interviews with the best tech companies can be seen at Capital Market Labs

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