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Improve accuracy of
forecasting and budgeting

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Increase cash flow and
fund strategic initiatives

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Focus on strategic tasks
and automate audit, risk

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Optimize Cash Flow, Working Capital and Payment Terms

Lead your organization to optimize cash flow, free up working capital and drive reinvestment for top business initiatives. Leverage our predictive algorithms to forecast cash flow and supplier payments, and quickly increase cash flow by extending payment terms, identifying suppliers with mixed payment terms, and flagging suppliers that are being paid early.

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Automate Audit and Risk Management

Focus your team on strategic initiatives by reducing the amount of time spent on tasks that can be automated, including audit and sampling. Predict potential compliance issues at an individual, departments, and executive levels and empower your team to take the right next action to prevent and mitigate non-compliance. Proactively identify and triage supplier and business risk, and quickly identify and resolve anomalies in key areas including payables, T&E and P-card.

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Financial Performance Management

Improve the accuracy and accountability of your team’s forecasts and reporting within traditional and zero-based budgeting models. Leverage clean, accurate data integrated from a variety of data sources including transactions, contracts, and purchase orders, to understand both historical trends and outstanding contractual commitments. Receive early warnings when forecast expenses are likely to exceed budget and identify opportunities to save and redeploy capital. Capture large contract renewals and price increases that may not be captured by budget.

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Travel & Expense & P-card Management

Enable finance teams to effectively measure, investigate and enforce purchasing policies across the organization. Automatically alert teams to P-card, T&E, and purchasing process non-compliance and empower them to efficiently resolve issues. Increase team productivity by automatically investigating and resolving spending anomalies and automating spot checking and audit reports.

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Accounts Payable Management

Improve the productivity and accuracy of your Accounts Payable (AP) team with data-driven insights that help them quickly investigate supplier spend and contract concerns and identify duplicate payments and outlier and anomalous payments for review.

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