Spend Intelligence is a Team Sport

Make sure everyone on your Procurement and Finance teams is contributing to a healthy bottom line, while staying focused on their areas of expertise -- reducing cost, finding cash, driving investment.

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Get a Shared View of Actionable Data

Procurement and Finance teams have a common problem - their data is a mess. It’s dirty. It’s siloed. And if decision-makers get it at all, it’s usually too late to be useful for anything but historical reporting. We solve your data problem, so everyone on your Procurement and Finance teams have access to the same cleansed, normalized, decision-ready information.

Eliminate Data in BI & Spreadsheets Forever

Toss your legacy reporting tools and spreadsheets. Say goodbye to your data scientists and IT support staff. Our on-demand analytics and interactive dashboards supply you with daily spend management opportunities presented in a consumer Internet-styled interface that vastly outperforms legacy approaches. Your dashboards stay up-to-date, so your team can always answer spend management questions with just a few clicks.

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Stop Searching for Opportunities. Serve Them Up Automatically

Suplari Insights are mini applications that automate data analysis and present opportunities to users that can be turned into action through integrated workflow. Our library of prebuilt & custom insights for Procurement and Finance save our customers hundreds of work hours and millions of dollars in cost reduction.

Look Forward & Predict the Next Best Action

Traditional spend analytics answer questions about what happened in the past. We look forward. Our AI helps teams predict risk among individuals, departments and suppliers by knowing ahead of time which key suppliers might be at risk of default, how much Sales might overspend their T&E budget, or who in Marketing might try to sneak a PO through after-the-fact. We don’t just help you know what you should have done. We make sure your teams are empowered to make forward-facing decisions that directly impact cash flow and cost reduction.

A Review Of Suplari By Jason Buck, The Director Of Strategic Sourcing, Procurement, & Vendor Management For BlueCross BlueShield Of Kansas
A Review Of Suplari By Joe Patchett, The Director Of Global Procurement At The Gemological Institute Of America

Gain Full Transparency Across Your Team’s Efforts

Finance and Procurement leaders need more than just spend visibility. They need a single pane of glass to see the whole of enterprise spend management -- the data, opportunities, process, and results driving the bottom line. We empower finance and procurement teams with intelligent workflows that assign opportunities to individuals in procurement, finance, IT, marketing, engineering, facilities, and beyond, track progress, enable collaboration, and track resolution and savings.

Suplari is focused on your results

Top global brands choose Suplari to evolve the way costs and cash flow are managed and drive outcomes.

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