Real-time Discovery, Insights and Answers
Machine Learning and AI for Strategic Sourcing

60% of CPOs do not have the data or
analytical skills on their teams to deliver.

-Deloitte Chief Procurement Officer survey, 2017

Suplari leverages machine learning to enable procurement teams to achieve what’s not humanly possible.

  • Connecting and unifying your existing data sources and systems
  • Continuously analyzing millions of supplier and sourcing transactions to generate real-time insights on reducing spend, managing risk and increasing compliance.
  • Proactively uncovering the highest value opportunities


Common Problems We Solve.

“My sourcing team spends 80% of their time on data cleansing and analysis vs. hard cost savings initiatives.”

CPO- Large Retailer

“I feel like I am bleeding dollars, rubber-stamping contracts.”

CIO- Large Healthcare Company

“We have 30 different contracts for the same product, same vendor across different business units & geographies”

CPO- Large Media Company


Maverick Spend

“How do I identify maverick spend from unapproved suppliers when it is happening on expense reports and corporate cards?”


Multiple Systems

“How can I look at spend across the organization when we have multiple ERP, Travel and Expense systems?”


Fraud & Compliance

“We need to avoid fraud and compliance issues, but how can I identify suspicious transactions easily?”


Contract Terms

“How can I ensure contract terms are being adhered to and not be surprised with renewal dates?”

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