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Machine Learning for Enterprise Purchasing

Supplier Data is Fragmented, Inaccessible, and Complex

Supplier data remains stubbornly inaccessible and fragmented within the enterprise, often residing within functional departments and business units, and spread across multiple systems. .. making analysis nearly impossible.

… And making it very challenging for Procurement to control indirect spend.

For Procurement, there is too much data wrangling – too many systems, too many quality and accuracy issues, which takes way too much time to rationalize before investing in cost savings initiatives. No one is analyzing purchases at the transaction level, looking for good vs. bad spend.

Consequently, there is a lack of visibility and rationalized view of spend, relationships, usage, and key milestones like renewal dates and terms. Wasteful and inefficient spending is the result, costing large companies tens of millions each year and exposing them to undue compliance risk.

Until Suplari.  

We’ve created a comprehensive supplier spend management platform that aggregates, normalizes, cleanses and categorizes siloed indirect supplier data. Machine learning automatically uncovers actionable insights to reduce spend, manage risk and compliance, and drive alignment with suppliers to maximize business value.

Common Problems We Solve.

“My sourcing team spends 80% of their time on data cleansing and analysis vs. hard cost savings initiatives.”

CPO- Large Retailer

“I feel like I am bleeding dollars, rubber-stamping contracts.”

CIO- Large Healthcare Company

“We have 30 different contracts for the same product, same vendor across different business units & geographies”

CPO- Large Media Company


Maverick Spend

“How do I identify maverick spend from unapproved suppliers when it is happening on expense reports and corporate cards?”


Multiple Systems

“How can I look at spend across the organization when we have multiple ERP, Travel and Expense systems?”


Fraud & Compliance

“We need to avoid fraud and compliance issues, but how can I identify suspicious transactions easily?”


Contract Terms

“How can I ensure contract terms are being adhered to and not be surprised with renewal dates?”

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