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Suplari Named Winner of DPW’s DEMO Cost Reduction & Savings Category

“Suplari takes transparency to a new level by identifying and triggering concrete actions based on a company’s procurement data and the number of action alerts are constantly growing as users are adding new options to the joint library which continuously improves the value from the solution.” Matthias Gutzmann, Founder – DPW

"The Push Button Corporation: Suplari's Software Might Be Savvier Than Most Of Your Employees - Written By Tiernan Ray"


The Push-Button Corporation: Suplari’S Software Might Be Savvier Than Most Of Your Employees

Tiernan Ray of ZDNet and Barron’s describes how intelligent applications like Suplari are empowering “The Push Button Enterprise” which can automate simple tasks and complex analyses, every employee, irrespective of prior experience or training, to execute at a much higher strategic level.

A Review Of Suplari From A Published Article By Kearney


Emerging from COVID: 10 Tech Imperatives Organizations Need to Adopt Today

Kearney recently published an article highlighting 10 critical technologies organizations need to adopt to protect against and prepare for more COVID disruptions in 2021. Kearney included Suplari among the list for our excellence in rapid automation in spend diagnostics.

Gartner selects Suplari for Cool Vendors Award for AI Enterprise Insights


Suplari Named a 2019 Gartner Cool Vendor in Sourcing and Procurement Applications

Suplari, the AI-powered intelligent spend management system for enterprise procurement and finance, announced it has been included in Gartner’s May 2019 list of “Cool Vendors in Sourcing & Procurement Applications”.



Suplari Selected as a 2018 TiE50 Winner

Suplari, the AI-driven insights platform for finance and procurement, today announced its selection as
a 2018 TiE50 Winner, which recognizes the world’s most innovative tech startups.

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