Meet the Spend Intelligence Cloud

Traditional spend analytics only look backward at historical data. We use AI to automate analysis of current data and historical patterns to then predict the best spend management actions moving forward.

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Clean Data

Solve enterprise-wide data challenges by connecting, cleansing and enriching all data sources with AI and machine learning. 

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Automated Insights

Transform data into immediate action
with our library of 175+ insights.

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Predictive Actions

Look forward to predict next best action Identify the next best action for managing cash and reducing spend, and automatically alert decision-makers in real time

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Clean Data

Quickly categorize, normalize and enrich enterprise data with artificial intelligence.

We start with AI and machine learning to clean, normalize and categorize spend data and supplier activity from multiple systems – mainly the spend transactions captured in ERP systems, as well as contract repositories, travel and expenses, and corporate and P-card transactions.

Automatically Identify Opportunities

Customizable and pre-build automated insights provide a steady supply of actionable information.

Suplari Insights are mini applications that automate data analysis and present opportunities to users that can be turned into action through integrated workflow. With more than 175 prebuilt & custom insights, Suplari saves users hundreds of hours and identifies savings, risk and compliance opportunities hidden in your data.

Analytics that Look Forward

Predictive actions continuously manage costs and cash flow.

Predictive AI can now provide predictive insights for teams to better manage demand, spend and cash flow. Insights proactively assist in scenario planning and identify opportunities overlooked by traditional reporting and processes.

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