Agile Performance Management

Plan, execute, measure, budget, and financial performance using normalized data and AI-generated automated insights.

What Is Agile Performance Management?

Agile Performance Management enables 360° procurement planning of the spend, purchase order, suppliers, risk management, and diversity initiatives critical to drive savings and improved financial performance. It enables clear visibility and cross-functional accountability of strategic goals built on connected and timely spend, with AI-based automated actions, results tracking, and rich collaboration tools for managers to achieve those goals.

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How Agile Performance Management Works

Agile Performance Management gives procurement, finance, and business teams an efficient, agile and systematic way of delivering value. By enabling leaders to Plan, Execute, and Measure their initiatives, Agile Performance Management transforms procurement performance across large organizations:


Create initiatives that are tied to clean, real-time data based on predictive insights.

  • Performance and Goal Setting – set your savings goals for the year or quarter, and stay top of your progress
  • Planner – plan your projects and pipeline of savings to meet that goal in an agile/responsive way
  • Executive Performance Dashboard – customizable dashboard for executive level visibility and drive accountability


Suplari automatically executes plans leveraging automation for efficiency and consistency, and enables collaboration with team members. 

  • Automation – automate repetitive tasks and workflows, freeing up time for higher value activities
  • Collaboration – collaborate with business stakeholders, including alerts, notification and direct participation for faster decision making
  • Customizable workflows – best practices based workflows that can further be customized


Automated goal tracking enabled by normalized data across all integrated systems.

  • KPI/Savings Calculators – dial-in savings calculation formulas for various types of savings (e.g. hard vs soft) with frequency (one time vs recurring) 
  • Savings Forecast – forward-looking savings forecast and amortization with realized savings capture when the spend actually happens
A Review Of Suplari By Michael Shields, The Director Of Procurement At Qualtrics

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