Suplari Agile Contracts

Suplari Agile Contracts will enable you to more easily manage your hundreds, if not thousands of contracts and through automation
identify savings opportunities.

How Suplari Agile Contracts Work

Suplari Contracts, as a stand-alone module or included in Suplari, allows you to manage your contracts and discover, explore and detect where to realize savings from your contracts. Suplari Agile Contracts provides you a 360°view, with embedded analytics, into your Spend+PO+Contracts+Suppliers in one place. Utilizing powerful insights and a collaboration solution built into one platform, you can collaborate, manage action items and planning, assign team members and drive decision-making while tracking savings in one place.

Why Suplari Agile Contracts?

Contracts represent up to 80% of an organization’s annual Procurement spend. Poorly managed contracts, often through rudimentary excel spreadsheets or even basic CLM programs do not address the challenges companies often face. Even after a contract is successfully negotiated and implemented, employees or even suppliers venture outside the agreements causing spend leakage. These issues often only come to light at the end of the contract term when it’s time for renewal or renegotiation.

Benefits of Agile Contracts

Easily manage your hundreds, if not thousands of contracts and through automation to
identify savings opportunities.

Extract contract meta-data with or without your current environment containing meta-data.

Eliminate data-entry errors when only using spreadsheets to manage contracts.

Ability for company-wide collaboration through secure anytime and anywhere access.

Action/workload tracker + savings tracker manager built in.

Automated, easy to access, contract renewal calendar+contract explorer.

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