Suplari Agile Contracts

Suplari Agile Contracts will enable you to more easily manage your hundreds, if not thousands of contracts and through automation
identify savings opportunities.

What Is Suplari Agile Contracts?

Suplari Agile Contracts is the intelligence-driven collaborative contract management platform that increases negotiating leverage, reduces waste, and streamlines collaboration by providing you with timely,
AI-driven insights and detailed contract performance results derived from your spend and contracts’ transactional data. With all of your Spend+PO+Contracts+Suppliers in one place, Agile Contracts delivers
powerful insights and a collaboration solution built into one platform that decreases wasted spend. If you have a CLM, Agile Contracts complements it by enabling new, post-signature visibility and insights into your contract performance, spend and PO data.

How Agile Contracts Works

Suplari Agile Contracts integrates enterprise spend data with internal and external supplier contracts data and applies artificial intelligence to proactively identify cost reduction and cash flow opportunities. Results are displayed in an intuitive user interface (UI) that empowers business users to make immediate and effective decisions without additional support from data scientists and IT teams. Suplari Agile Contracts delivers Pro-Active Contract Management, AI-Driven Insights, Collaboration, and Savings Results.

Pro-Active Management

• Contract Renewal Calendar
• Renewal Alerts
• Contract Explorer
• Terms Compliance
• Contract Renewal Workflow

AI-Driven Insights

• Supplier Contract Spend Forecasting
• No Active Contracts with Spend
• Early Contract Renewals
• Demand Aggregation Opportunities
• Large Payment Spend Predictor


• Case Creation and Management
• Comment, Subscriptions
• Embedding, Templates, Steps
• Automated Case Assignment

Savings Results

• Savings Capture
• Forecasts and Resolved Savings
• Management Visibility and Reports

Supplier Contracts Management: Hidden Value Leakage

Poorly managed supplier contracts cost you money.
Without knowing it, you have lost supplier negotiation leverage,
missed sourcing event opportunities, and increased spend unnecessarily:

  • Lack of Supplier Management. Ineffective contract utilization, missed rebates, poor supplier performance, missed dates
  • Renewals. Surprise and auto renewals, failure to cancel on-time
  • Ineffective oversight, extensive business unit contract management. Limited spend under management, lost savings
  • Spend and contract data not integrated. Incomplete visibility, manual reporting, no intelligence

Agile Contracts’ Automated Insights Tell You Where The Money Is

Agile Contracts immediately drives value for you by delivering greater supplier leverage,
increased productivity, and clear visibility.

Greater Supplier Leverage

• Timely Contract Decisions
• Intelligent Negotiation
• Pro-active Renewal Management
• Contract Compliance
• Payment Term Optimization

AI-Driven Insights

• Pro-active, AI-based Predictive Data Drives Automated Insights
• Reduced Time Spent Reporting and Building Useless Dashboards
• Error Reduction
• Re-deploy Staff to Cost Savings Activities

Clear Visibility

• Stakeholder Alignment
• Integration of All Data Sources
• Normalized Data
• Executive Visibility
• Increased Transparency and Trust

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